Out ‘n About with Xwi7xwa Library

The Xwi7xwa team is out ‘n about exploring social distance safe activities! We’re ready to start getting social, active, and safe and we want to encourage all of you to do the same. Stay tuned to see what we’re up to, we’ll even point to library resources if you prefer to participate indoors!

Out ‘n About with Sara Ellis at Belkin – September 10-25

Last week librarians Karleen Delaurier-Lyle (Xwi7xwa) & Sara Ellis (Music Art & Architecture) were out ‘n about at the Belkin Gallery to experience Soundings: An Exhibition in Five Parts.

(Sara Ellis & Karleen Delaurier-Lyle visiting Soundings)

“How can a score be a call and tool for decolonization? Soundings: An Exhibition in Five Parts features newly commissioned scores, performances, videos, sculptures and sound by Indigenous and other artists who respond to this question.” –Belkin Art Gallery

(Exhibit Catalogue & Exhibit)

Their tips for visiting:

(Karleen at the exhibit grand opening)

Recommended resources from Karleen & Sara: