Come Explore the Seed Lending Library

Spring is here! As we enter the warmer and rainier days and a moment of rest between terms, it is a perfect time to explore the UBC Seed Lending Library. The Seed Lending Library is open to everyone and there are three libraries you can find it in: the Education Library, Woodward Library, and Xwi7xwa Library. Here you’ll find more information about what seeds we have right now and a bit about how the Seed Lending Library works. Please reach out to or¬†if you have questions!


What is a Seed Lending Library?

A seed lending library works similarly to a traditional library in that it is providing access to a resource, in this case: seeds! The seeds available at the Seed Lending Library are supplied by UBC Farm, West Coast Seeds, and other patrons. As folks visit the library and “borrow” seeds, they are encouraged to explore the process of gathering seeds and return what they are able to the library for other people, thus helping keep the library full for other visitors.


Want to learn more about the UBC Seed Lending Library?

UBC Seed Lending Library is building a budding community talks a bit about the way that the seed lending library contributes to research and learning as well as the growth that the library has seen since it was first started and some goals for the library in the future. The seed library was started in 2017 by Reference Librarian Helen Brown and Education Librarian Wendy Traas with the help of a UTown@UBC grant. For more resources and information, please explore the Research Guide: Home – Seed Lending Library – Research Guides at University of British Columbia (


What seeds do we currently have?

Our collection does change as folks “borrow” from the library and there will be variations at the different branches. Here’s what we currently have at Xwi7xwa:

  • Vegetables
    • Beans: Caramel Short, Bush Blue Lake, B. Beige, Scarlet Runner, Elana’s Brown Butter, Choco Tall Pale
    • Swiss Chard: El Dorado
    • Pumpkin: Red Kari, Jack O’ Lantern
    • Carrots: Mystery Carrots
    • Kale: Winter Kale
    • Lettuce: Butterhead, Jester
    • Beets: Chioggia x Golden
    • Pepper: Beaver Dam
  • Fruits
    • Apple: Gala
    • Strawberry: Yellow Wonder
  • Flowers
    • Goldenrod
    • Douglas Aster
    • Marigold
    • Dusty Miller
    • Sunflower
  • Medicine
    • Tobacco

Come visit!

Come browse the collection for yourself, the library is open to all Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Borrow some seeds, bring some for others, or leave us a note in the book beside the drawers! Happy growing!