New Finger Puppets and Toys at Xwi7xwa Library!

Poster featuring photograph of assorted puppets and toys. Caption reads: New in: Finger Puppets and Toys.

As part of our connections to NITEP, the Indigenous Teacher Education Program, here at X̱wi7x̱wa Library we have a strong focus on educational resources. We recently received our newest addition to our collection: some brand new finger puppets and toys. These are ideal for storytimes, circle time, or other classroom activities. They’re also great for anybody bringing little ones by the branch!

Come by the branch to take a look at our new collection of finger puppets and toys, which are available to borrow now. Click here to view our new finger puppets, and here to view our new First Nations plush toys. Below we are introducing our new toys, as well as some featured books that one of our wonderful student hosts, Grace, has paired with them!


Grizzly the Bear and Oly the Brown Bear

A brown bear finger puppet next to a larger stuffed bear toy. Both toys are on a table next to a picture book titled "The Grizzly Mother"

Featured Book: The Grizzly Mother by Hetxw’ms Gyetxw (Brett D. Huson):

“To the Gitxsan people of Northwestern British Columbia, the grizzly is an integral part of the natural landscape. Together, they share the land and forests that the Skeena River runs through, as well as the sockeye salmon within it. Follow mother bear as she teaches her cubs what they need to survive on their own. The Mothers of Xsan series uses striking illustration and lyrical language to bring the poetry of the Xsan ecosystem to life.” 






Hummy the Hummingbird, Trickster the Raven, Gak the Raven, and Valdy the Eagle

Four finger puppets placed in a circle as though they are reading from a picture book. The book is blue with the title "Birds Bineshiiyag"

Featured Book: Birds: Bineshiiyag

“This beautiful picture book features the birds of Neyaashiinigmiing with descriptions in both Ojibwe and English.” – publisher’s website.







Moka the Spirit Bear

Finger puppet of Moka the Spirit Bear sits next to a picture book titled 'The Orphan and the Polar Bear'.


Featured Book: The Orphan and the Polar Bear, retold by Sakiasi Qaunaq

“In The Orphan and the Polar Bear, a little orphan who has been abandoned on the sea ice by a group of cruel hunters is discovered and adopted by a polar bear elder. While living in the bear‘s village, the orphan learns many lessons about survival and his own place in the world.”





Sammy the Salmon, Jr. and Sr.

A salmon stuffed toy next to a salmon finger puppet, in front of a book titled "We are all connected: Haisla, Rivers, and Chinook Salmon"


Featured Book: Haisla, rivers and chinook salmon by Joe Starr, Brenda Boreham and Terri Mack

In the We Are All Connected series, “Traditional storytelling and artwork begin each title from the focus Indigenous territory. Science: Biodiversity, classification, life cycles, food chains, food webs and connections between living and non-living things are just some of the science concepts included in each book. Social Studies: Contemporary and historical Indigenous cultural knowledge flows throughout each book. Local land forms, gatherings, harvesting practices and government are some of the social studies concepts included in each book.”




Bucky the Beaver

Featured Book: Amikoonse (Little Beaver) by Ferguson Plain

“Amikoonse has never known his true place in the world. He must discover his identity, spiritually and physically, in order to achieve his destination in life. With help from ol’ owl, Amikoonse takes a journey through the woods to find himself.”







Trickster the Raven and Laksoo the Wolf

Featured Book: Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird by Joe Medicine Crow ; illustrations by Linda R. Martin

While hunting, Brave Wolf is snatched by a hugh Thunderbird and taken to her nest on a high cliff so he can protect her chicks from a monster.







Luna the Whale and Gispy the Orca Whale

Featured Book: Whale girl by Diane Silvey and Joe Silvey

“Peta loved all the things around her, the forest, the plants and the animals. But most of all, she loved her friends the Killer Whales.”