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It’s a busy time of year and it’s important to give your brain a break. Although we have many resources to help you study and support your final papers, we also have titles that can help you unwind. Beading, cooking and recipes, coloring, leisure reading, comedy, and more!


Here are few suggestions or ask us!


Beadwork: First Peoples’ Beading History and Techniques by Christi Belcourt with Teacher’s Guide

First Nations, Métis and Inuit beadwork are beautiful art forms that are unique to North America. The patterns and techniques created and passed down through generations of our grandmothers are still being used today. Beadwork is not simple decoration of material goods. It is an expression of identity. It is an art form that connects us to the skills, the sacrifices and the creativity of our ancestors. Beadwork carries images that are ancient and reflect spiritual beliefs. And even more than that, beadwork is a healing art. Diagrams and step-by-step instructions for different techniques included.

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Sacred Feminine: an Indigenous Art Colouring Book by Jackie Traverse

The beautiful and intricate works of art within depict images of strength, resilience and empowerment. With each image, the artist explains the symbolism and meaning represented. The first of its kind, Sacred Feminine is intended to heal and educate readers and colourers of all ages.

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Cards Against Colonialism: a Party Game for Indigenant Peoples

We are stronger when we laugh. Cards Against Colonialism embraces modern native culture, and helps us to learn and laugh at the same time.

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Wolastoqiyik lintuwakonawa by Jeremy Dutcher

Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa is the debut album by Canadian composer and tenor, Jeremy Dutcher – which involves post-classical rearrangement of his Wolastoq First Nation traditional music. Granted access to the Canadian Museum of History, Jeremy discovered wax cylinders from 1907 of his ancestors singing forgotten songs and stories that had been taken from the Wolastoqiyik Nation generations ago. The album is Jeremy’s contribution to his heritage and community in attempts to revitalize the Wolastoq language to the world, which has less than 100 speakers alive today.

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Candies: a Humour Composite by Basil Johnston

Basil Johnston was one of the foremost Anishinaabe writers and storytellers, and his comedic stories about life in Residential School, Indian School Days, is a classic. Candies was Johnston’s first collection of humorous works in decades.

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Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew presented by the National Film Board of Canada; producer, Silva Basmajian; director and narrator, Drew Hayden Taylor

This feature documentary hilariously overturns the conventional notion of the “stoic Indian” and shines a light on an overlooked element of Indigenous culture: humour and its healing powers.

Featuring an engaging cast of characters, the film is an in-depth, laugh-a-minute tour of complex issues like identity, politics, and racism.

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