What can X̱wi7x̱wa do for faculty & staff?


Librarians don’t just help students – there are plenty of things we do for faculty and staff at UBC as well. X̱wi7x̱wa is a centre for Indigenous academic and community scholarship, and so our librarians (Kayla Lar-Son and Karleen Delaurier-Lyle) are experts in Indigenous research methods, information gathering and data sovereignty.

1. Finding resources, readings, and other materials for your classes 📚

If you aren’t sure how to find Indigenous voices on a topic, X̱wi7x̱wa librarians can find you reliable, relevant, and up-to-date resources from Indigenous authors and communities about specific topics. For example – if you’re looking for a reading about forestry from an Indigenous perspective, shoot us an email (xwi7xwa.library@ubc.ca) or drop in anytime! You can also look at our research guides, which are webpages with starting resources and search strategies on a variety of topics.

We cannot tell you how to design or ‘Indigenize’ your class or teaching: see CTLT for that.

2. Providing access to assigned materials for your students 🔑

If you assign a particular book that we have in our collection to your class, let us know! We will only have so many physical copies for your students, but we can also arrange access to online versions of the book. The earlier you contact us, the better access we’ll be able to provide to your students (and they will appreciate you saving them $ at the bookstore).

3. Providing library instruction to your classes 👩🏽‍🏫

X̱wi7x̱wa librarians can provide instruction to your classes on finding Indigenous perspectives, citing and sourcing Indigenous knowledge, or on a topic specific to a certain assignment. You can request a librarian for instruction here. (Note that X̱wi7x̱wa doesn’t have a classroom space: librarians will likely have to come to you).

Some talks that librarians have given before include Practices of Indigenous Information Gathering at X̱wi7x̱wa Library, Traditional Knowledges in Academic Libraries, how to use X̱wi7x̱wa’s research guides, and Data as Relation: Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Ethic of Care. Librarians can tailor instruction to a specific discipline or assignment.

It’s also good to let us know if you have an assignment that focuses on or requires Indigenous perspectives, especially if your students may be unfamiliar with Indigenous scholarship. When your students (hopefully) come to the library, we’re better equipped to help them with their research.

4. Suggesting resources for your research 🔍

Just like we help students, we can help profs! (And anyone else). Librarians provide reference services for all members of UBC, alumni, and Indigenous visitors. If you need help finding or getting access to a book, article, or archival material, we can help: email, make an appointment, or walk in (11-3pm, Mon-Fri).

5. Purchasing books relevant to your research 📖

X̱wi7x̱wa’s collections prioritize resources from Indigenous authors & communities in BC, surrounding nations, more broadly in North America, and beyond (in that order). But we also recognize the important relationships we have with faculty & staff at UBC, especially those that are Indigenous, and our role in supporting their work. You can fill out the ‘suggest a resource’ form, email us (xwi7xwa.library@ubc.ca), or make an appointment with a librarian to discuss acquiring the materials you need.

If you have any further questions about what X̱wi7x̱wa can help you with, feel free to send us an email: xwi7xwa.library@ubc.ca.

Happy new school year!