What can X̱wi7x̱wa do for students?












X̱wi7x̱wa Library is a centre for Indigenous academic and community scholarship, and our librarians & staff are primarily here to help you access the information, tools, and support you need during your time at UBC (and beyond). It’s literally our job to help you succeed: so anytime, feel free to drop in, email (xwi7xwa.library@ubc.ca), or schedule an appointment with a librarian.

If you’re not sure what we can help you with, here are some examples:

I have an assignment/project/etc. and I have literally no idea where to start. ❔

Never fear: it happens all the time. Fortunately, we can help you figure out a direction for your research, suggest reading, and guide you towards reliable information. X̱wi7x̱wa librarians are especially good at finding sources relevant to the multidisciplinary study of Indigenous topics, and materials written from Indigenous perspectives. You can drop into the library any time and ask us for help: Karleen, Emma, or Mira will be more than happy to get you started. Or, you can email us at xwi7xwa.library@ubc.ca!

You can also start by looking at X̱wi7x̱wa library Research Guides: they’re like little webpages that list resources to get you started on a certain topic, like Indigenous land-based activism, traditional governance, or treaties.

How do I search for books/articles/resources in UBC library and online? 📚

It can be really confusing to come to university and be expected to immediately understand Summon, and databases, and journals, and trade publications, etc. etc. etc… and THEN understand exactly how to search these things for the information you need. Librarians know how to do this, and are more than happy to give you some tips, tricks, and strategies, and tailor their recommendations towards your particular discipline, assignment, or interest.

I don’t know how to cite my assignment! ✏️

Losing marks because of citations sucks, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! Librarians can help you with your citations.

Citation styles are heavily based on colonial conceptions and supremacy of colonial voices and knowledge systems, and so Indigenous students can especially struggle when citing their work (watch this amazing video by Bronwen McKie to learn more). X̱wi7x̱wa librarians can help you cite traditional knowledge, Elders, personal communication, and lived experiences, with awareness and respect for community protocol and data sovereignty. Check out this citation research guide to get started.

I need [something], but I don’t know where to go/how to find it. 🗺️

Librarians are about more than books – we help connect students with all kinds of information and resources. Especially for Indigenous students, we can help connect you with services offered at UBC, community events, scholarship opportunities, work-learn positions, the First Nations House of Learning, and anything else you might need. UBC is a big place, and sometimes you need someone to point you in the right direction. 🙂

I have this other question, can I ask you? 😀

Yes! You can always ask! If we can’t answer it, we’ll find someone who can.

Good luck this school year – and remember to always ask for help when you need it. ❤️