Everyone is Welcome!

Visit us for research help, to see our  collections, or to find a place to study. At X̱wi7x̱wa Library everyone is welcome!

June is Indigenous History and Pride month, here are some details you won’t want to miss:

  • UBC Pride Collective is hosting in-person events after two years.
  • Follow our Twitter & Facebook accounts, we’ll be sharing events, resources, and more!
  • If you’re on the Vancouver campus, visit the new display in Irving K. Barber’s exhibit space. It features resources from the Indigitization program and Xwi7xwa Library.
  • To find Two-Spirit & Indigiqueer resources at UBC Library check out this research guide .
  • There are also many off campus pride events and festivals, see this list from What’s On Queer BC.com!
  • Remember, June 21st is National Indigenous Day and Summer Solstice!