Rattle making Workshop with LadyBear

Online workshop for UBC Indigenous Students, Staff, Faculty & Community members. Registration full & closed. 


The first workshop has been rescheduled for March 5 & 12 due to unforeseen circumstances; we apologize for any scheduling conflicts and thank participants for their patience!

Should you have any questions or need to cancel please contact: Tamis.cochrane@ubc.ca or Karleen.delaurier-lyle@ubc.ca

Preparing for your workshop:

  • Soak the hide two days prior to the workshop. Immerse in water in a container.
  • You will need:
    • a small container to pour the sand in the rattle, after it’s been sewn. Such as a bead bottle, or a 1/4 measuring cup, or an empty medicine bottle (something of that nature) or a spoon will work but it will take much longer to fill
    • a blunt end of a paintbrush, or wooden kitchen spoon, as long as it’s not sharp and thinner than the dowel (stick provided in the package). This will be used to push the sand down in the rattle
    • a second small container or bowl to put the sand in while you fill the rattle; this is not necessary but much easier than the bag with sand
    • may need a scissors (just in case)

About this Event

What: Indigenous Rattle-Making Workshop

When: 2 Workshop offerings: Each Workshop requires 2 dates, spaced 1 week apart. The first meeting is for rattle assembly, with a week waiting period to allow the rattles to fully dry, and the second meeting to complete / finish off the rattles and paint them if you wish.

1. February 23 & March 2nd 10am-12pm

2. March 5 & 12 10am-12pm

Who: Indigenous UBC Students, faculty & staff, as well as Musqueam Community members.

Cost: $0. Costs are covered by workshop sponsors, but spaces are limited.

Facilitator: Shevonne Hall is a Mohawk/Ojibway artist who lives and works in the Musqueam Community.

“I believe art is medicine that can help with the healing of Indigenous Peoples trauma. Over the past three decades, I have learnt a variety of traditional art forms that I now teach. In doing so, I am part of the seventh generation that reawakens the spirit of our Ancestors.” – (Artist Statement)

Shevonne reinvests proceeds from her art towards purchasing art supplies for Indigenous youth programs in remote / rural Indigenous communities across Canada where access to art stores or supplies is limited and where the cost of shipping for online purchases is prohibitive.

Sponsors: Karleen Delaurier-Lyle & Tamis Cochrane, Xwi7xwa Library, and Health, Wellbeing and Benefits from Human Resources at UBC.

NOTE ON THE RATTLE MEDIUM: The rattles are made with genuine animal hides. This may not be suitable for anyone who is unable to work with hides for personal concerns.